Autumn hikes

Backpacking over 4 Munros: Ben Cruachan, Beinn a’Chochuill, Eunaich & Stob Daimh

We started off by a small car park in Lochawe. It was early morning on a reasonably wet day. We wondered up along a small road all the way to Cruachan Reservoir. By the time we reached the dam, we were decently soaked and just as we started to feel miserable, the sun creeped up. These ridiculous plays are happening all the time here and I feel my Scottish hiking reports consist mostly of talking about the weather.

Hiking the Glen Loin Loop in October, Scotland

Has it ever happen that you went for a hike on a beautiful sunny day with a heavy camera in your backpack and when you wanted to take the first shot, the camera said “No card inserted”? Welcome to my first Saturday in October when Anna and I were hiking the Glen Loin Loop in the Arrochar Alps. At least we took a few pictures on our phones.

October hike to Ben Lomond, Scotland

Ben Lomond is a tall beauty with its grassy head reaching breathtaking heights above windy Loch Lomond. It’s not actually that big, but because Lake Lomond is so close, it gives you the feeling that the top is in heaven.

My first Scottish hike ever: Doune Hill via Bein Eich

Moving to Scotland was a big decision for us. Neither of us had ever been before so it was completely new. Just a few days after our arrival, we decided to go for a hike. I can barely imagine a better way to connect with a new country!

Hiking around Sarajevo: from Nahorevo to Bukovik and back

Sarajevo is a cute capital, kind of my size of city. Big enough to have universities and museums but still small enough to see mountains from almost any place. The most convenient hike you can do there is to take a public transport bus 69 to Nahorevo. From there, you keep following the road and come to a place with a map and quite a few trails you can follow.

Late autumn climb to Mt Teide

If you wanna climb to the top of Mt Teide, you basically have 2 options: either you can book an access permit or you can stay in Altaviste Refuge which is quite close to the top. By staying in the refuge you’re allowed to assess the top without a permit before 9AM…

Crossing Anaga Mountains of Tenerife

Anaga, Tenerife, can’t be described, it must be lived. Hiking there feels like a forgotten dream, or an old memory that you don’t remember, but sometimes find yourself feeling, “Wow, this is familiar!”…

SL TF 294 extension from Malpaís

Let’s face it: “SL TF 294” is not a sexy name for a hiking trail at all. The good thing is though that it’s a loop trail which is not very common within the hiking trails of Tenerife…

Hiking the Camino de Candelaria de la Orotava

Me & Anna started to walk from Arafo, about an hour walk from Candelaria, before sunrise. I just love when the sun is not up yet but you know it’s gonna be there soon and you’re already doing what you love – walking…

Autumn crossing of the main ridge of Jeseníky

Jeseníky is the second highest mountain range in Czechia. It lies close to the border with Poland, in the north-eastern part of the country and the crossing of the main ridge is a classic Czech hike…