West Coast

Lake Daniell with 3 years old

Finally, all the ducks lined up, and my little family took on a challenge: walking to Lake Daniell / Kōhanga Atawhai – Manson Nicholls Hut. It was me, my partner Anna, our 3-year-old son Elliot,…

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Rocky Creek biv to Griffin Creek biv

Rocky Creek and Griffin Creek have a great advantage: they provide the West Coast tramping experience without the need to drive too far from Christchurch. The track to Rocky Creek biv starts at a small…

Cedar Flat Huts with our kiddo

Kupkin returned to New Zealand after spending a few months tramping and cycling around Europe. I couldn’t think of a better option for where to go than Cedar Flat Huts. It’s one of the most…

Pinnacle Biv on the West Coast

Pinnacle Biv is a small orange mysterious biv located on the edge of Toaroha Range below Genoa Peak. This was possibly my biggest adventure of the year as I’ve been struggling with finding free time…

Three Passes: The Classic New Zealand Tramp

The Three Passes is one of New Zealand’s iconic multi day tramps. It goes across the Main Divide from Klondyke corner to the Styx River car park, or, more broadly, from Arthur’s Pass to Hokitika. You can walk it in either direction, however, East to West is nicer as going down Browning Pass is a little bit airy.

Kirwans Hut on the West Coast

Kirwans Hut is probably one of the fanciest huts on the West Coast. It’s located in an area that has been extensively mined. Even the track to the hut was originally built for mining purposes! 6 CTC trampers started off with the intention to reach the hut and hope to not get rained on too much. After having some photography fun at Topffer Creek bridge, we followed Topffer Creek on a very obvious and wide track. We soon split into 2 parties – one was fast, the other one was extra fast.