New Zealand Hut Bagging

I did my first tramp in Aotearoa in 2014. Since then, I’ve visited a few huts that I’ve kept a record of. Not really racing on anything, it’s just for fun as I have my moments and don’t remember hut names very well.

At the end of 2021, I switched to Hutbagger.

Hut nameLocationRangesYear
Pell Strem HutSouth IslandWest Coast2021
Kōhanga Atawhai – Manson Nicholls HutSouth IslandWest Coast2021
Sudden Valley BivSouth Island Canterbury 2021
Carrington HutSouth IslandCanterbury2021
Park Morpeth HutSouth IslandCanterbury2021
Harman HutSouth Island West Coast 2021
Grassy Flat HutSouth IslandWest Coast2021
Gabriel HutSouth IslandCanterbury2021
Jollie Brook HutSouth IslandCanterbury2021
Packhorse HutSouth IslandCanterbury2020, 2020, 2021, 2021
Kirwans HutSouth IslandWest Coast2020
Montgomerie HutSouth IslandWest Coast2020
Bealey Spur HutSouth IslandArthur’s Pass National Park2020, 2021
Mt Brown HutSouth IslandWest Coast2020
Crystal BivouacSouth IslandWest Coast2020
Cedar Flat HutSouth IslandWest Coast2020
Yeats Ridge HutSouth IslandWest Coast2020
Edwards BivouacSouth IslandArthur’s Pass National Park2020
Hawdon HutSouth IslandArthur’s Pass National Park2020
Mingha BivouacSouth IslandArthur’s Pass National Park2020
Double HutSouth IslandHakatere Conservation Park2020
Manuka HutSouth IslandHakatere Conservation Park2020
Tribulation HutSouth IslandHakatere Conservation Park2020
Cookies HutSouth IslandHakatere Conservation Park2020
Comyns HutSouth IslandHakatere Conservation Park2020
A Frame HutSouth IslandHakatere Conservation Park2020
Mueller HutSouth IslandAoraki National Park2020
Trilobite HutSouth IslandKahurangi National Park2020
Chaffey HutSouth IslandKahurangi National Park2020
Tent Camp (historic)South IslandKahurangi National Park2020
Cobb HutSouth IslandKahurangi National Park2020
Fenella HutSouth IslandKahurangi National Park2020
Sylvester HutSouth IslandKahurangi National Park2019
Helicopter Flat HutSouth IslandKahurangi National Park2019
Trevor Carter HutSouth IslandKahurangi National Park2019
Stone HutSouth IslandKahurangi National Park2019
Cecil Kings Hut (historic)South IslandKahurangi National Park2019
Kings Creek HutSouth IslandKahurangi National Park2019
John Reid HutSouth IslandKahurangi National Park2019
Brass Monkey BivouacSouth IslandLewis Pass2019
Nina HutSouth IslandLewis Pass2019
Lucretia HutSouth IslandLewis Pass2019
Bealey HutSouth IslandCraigieburn Forest Park2019
Lagoon Saddle HutSouth IslandCraigieburn Forest Park2019, 2021
Lagoon Saddle A Frame HutSouth IslandCraigieburn Forest Park2019, 2021
West Harper HutSouth IslandCraigieburn Forest Park2019
Hamilton HutSouth IslandCraigieburn Forest Park2019
Cass Saddle HutSouth IslandCraigieburn Forest Park2019
Tarn HutSouth IslandPuketeraki Forest Conservation Area2019
Youngman Stream HutSouth IslandPuketeraki Forest Conservation Area2019
Woolshed Creek HutSouth IslandHakatere Conservation Park2019, 2021, 2021
Kowhai HutSouth IslandKaikoura Ranges2019
Mt Fyffe HutSouth IslandKaikoura Ranges2019
Pinchgut HutSouth IslandMount Thomas Forest Conservation Area2019
Angelus HutSouth IslandNelson Lakes National park2019
Speargrass HutSouth IslandNelson Lakes National park2019
Sabine HutSouth IslandNelson Lakes National park2019
Wharfedale HutSouth IslandOxford Forest Conservation Area2019
Boundary Creek HutSouth IslandHakatere Conservation Park2019
Pinnacles HutSouth IslandHakatere Conservation Park2019, 2019, 2020, 2021
Captain Creek HutSouth IslandRichmond Range2019
Middy Creek HutSouth IslandRichmond Range2019
Rocks HutSouth IslandRichmond Range2019
Dun ShelterSouth IslandRichmond Range2019
Young HutSouth IslandMount Aspiring National Park2019
Siberia HutSouth IslandMount Aspiring National Park2019
Ada Pass HutSouth IslandLewis Pass2016
Cannibal Gorge HutSouth IslandLewis Pass2016
Christopher Cullers HutSouth IslandLewis Pass2016
Christopher HutSouth IslandLewis Pass2016
Anne HutSouth IslandLewis Pass2016
Rokeby HutSouth IslandLewis Pass2016
Boyle Flat HutSouth IslandLewis Pass2016
Holly HutNorth IslandEgmont National Park2016
Pouakai HutNorth IslandEgmont National Park2016
Kaiauai ShelterNorth IslandEgmont National Park2016
Sunrise HutNorth IslandRuahines2016
Washpool HutNorth IslandAorangi Forest Park2016
Pararakiri HutNorth IslandAorangi Forest Park2016
Kawakawa HutNorth IslandAorangi Forest Park2016
Alice Nash Memorial Heritage LodgeNorth IslandRuahines2016
Syme HutNorth IslandEgmont National Park2015, 2016
Hooker ShelterNorth IslandEgmont National Park2016, 2016
Lake Dive HutNorth IslandEgmont National Park2016
Mahaku Saddle HutNorth IslandKawekas2015
Dominie HutNorth IslandKawekas2015
Back Ridge HutNorth IslandKawekas2015
Kiwi Mouth HutNorth IslandKawekas2015
Kiwi Saddle HutNorth IslandKawekas2015
Waiopehu HutNorth IslandTararuas2015
Rangiwahia HutNorth IslandRuahines2015
Holdsworth LodgeNorth IslandTararuas2015
Powell HutNorth IslandTararuas2015, 2015
Mountain House ShelterNorth IslandTararuas2015
Jumbo HutNorth IslandTararuas2015, 2015
Atiwhakatu HutNorth IslandTararuas2015, 2015
Field HutNorth IslandTararuas2015, 2015, 2016
Kime HutNorth IslandTararuas2015
Penn Creek HutNorth IslandTararuas2015
Waiharuru HutNorth IslandTe Urewera2015
Marauti HutNorth IslandTe Urewera2015
Waiopaoa HutNorth IslandTe Urewera2015
Panekire HutNorth IslandTe Urewera2015
Daphne HutNorth IslandRuahines2015
Herepai HutNorth IslandTararuas2015
Stenfield HutNorth IslandRuahines2015, 2015
Whaihohonu HutNorth IslandTongariro National Park2015
Mangatepopo HutNorth IslandTongariro National Park2015
Oturene HutNorth IslandTongariro National Park2015
Architect Creek HutNorth IslandWestland Tai Poutini National Park2014
Welcome Flat HutNorth IslandWestland Tai Poutini National Park2014
Moturau HutNorth IslandFiordland National Park2014
Iris Burn HutNorth IslandFiordland National Park2014
Hanging Valley ShelterNorth IslandFiordland National Park2014
Forest Burn ShelterNorth IslandFiordland National Park2014
Luxmore hutNorth IslandFiordland National Park2014
Brod Bay ShleterNorth IslandFiordland National Park2014
Burn HutNorth IslandTararuas2014