The first CTC family-friendly walk – Cashmere Hills

This was the first CTC walk during my time in the club that was focused purely on kids. While we did occasionally have kids join us on club trips, this time, a special trip was created just for the kiddos. Led by James (12y), we met at a Holliss Reserve in Cashmere, from where we embarked on a route heading up to Victoria Park. My kid (2y) was initially quite shy, but after lunch and getting to know the other kids a bit, he started running around like crazy. We made several stops but still maintained a decent pace. Most of the kids were walking, and the youngest ones were carried in backpacks.

It was a great and inspiring experience for me, and I sincerely thank Jim and James for their effort in organising this. I hope that CTC will offer more kid-friendly walks in the future and become known for hosting family-friendly adventures in Christchurch and beyond.

Stats: 7.2 km, 3h, 280m ascent

Participants: James Schofield (leader, 12), Jim Schofield, Michal Klajban (scribe, photos, GPX), Elliot (2y), James Atlas, John Kerkhofs, Helen Ryan, Nicole Kerkhofs, Elliott (9y), Alice (6y), Kate Davision, Beauden (3y), Grace (8y).

Tramped on 24th September 2023.



Total distance: 6669 m
Max elevation: 292 m
Min elevation: 7 m
Download file: GPX-hikingisgood-com-nz-2023-Cashmere-Hills-with-kids.gpx

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