trips with the Christchurch Tramping Club (participating)

Evans Pass to Godley Head and Boulder Bay

For this trip, I decided to take my son Ellic who’s been asking for “walk” since 6 AM. “Do you want breakfast buddy?” “Wa!” “Maybe some porridge?” “Wa!” “Hum, what about I’ll change your pyjamas…

Hamilton Peak via Camp Saddle

Hamilton Peak is a lovely 1922m tall mountain in the Craigieburn area. Considering its height, the peak is quite easily accessible from various directions.This was the first CTC trip led by our young and enthusiastic…

Mt Winterslow via Duke Knob

The original plan was to take on Mt Olympus. However, this mountain is on private land and recent floods damaged the access road so permissions to access Mt Olympus are scarce now. In the morning at the petro station, we decided that Mt Winterslow makes for a suitable backup.

Three Passes: The Classic New Zealand Tramp

The Three Passes is one of New Zealand’s iconic multi day tramps. It goes across the Main Divide from Klondyke corner to the Styx River car park, or, more broadly, from Arthur’s Pass to Hokitika. You can walk it in either direction, however, East to West is nicer as going down Browning Pass is a little bit airy.

Scenery Nook on Banks Peninsula

Scenery Nook is a wee inlet on the far side of Banks Peninsula. It’s accessible by boat or across private land – as the CTC unfortunately doesn’t own a yacht just yet, we chose to approach on foot.

The Spurs in Birdwoon Range

The Spurs in Birdwood Range are a couple of nearly 2000m high peaks (1964m and 1985m) overlooking Wilberforce Flat by Lake Coleridge. To climb The Spurs, you do need permission from a local station.