Helicopter Hill – a wee tramp for wee people

This was our third CTC tramp for kids. We met at 10 AM at the Mistletoe carpark, but it took us another 30 minutes to gather our kids from a nearby creek and get ourselves organised. We set off at a good pace (I mean “good pace for kids” so still pretty slow) because the southern side of the track heading up to Helicopter Hill was quite cold, with some remnants of snow from the previous night. We regrouped at the saddle and continued toward the summit, where we took a break of about an hour. There was a bit of snow at the top, so after building a snowman, an inevitable snowball fight started. Everyone was eager to complete the full loop, so we continued our hike around the mountain and finished around 4:30 PM.

On the way back, I happened to come across Kirstie’s car, which had broken down. I gave her and her two kids a ride back to Christchurch, while the other two folks in the car stayed with it and called a tow company.

Stats: 9.9 km, 6h 10min, 480m ascent

Participants: Michal Klajban (leader, scribe, GPX), Alice + Andy Wilkinson + kids, Wilkinson, Ivca Fialova + kid, Hanka Kosinova Waghorn + kid, Kirstie McHale + Cecile + Eli + kids, Angela Lowery + family

Tramped on 28th October 2023.



Total distance: 8638 m
Max elevation: 1262 m
Min elevation: 798 m
Download file: GPX-hikingisgood-com-nz-2023-Helicopter-Hill.gpx

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