Snowy trip to Mt Richardson

Just before the trip, I checked the weather. It was all good, with not a single drop of rain forecasted. We started at Glen Tui Bush Road carpark, from where we followed a classic route up via the Mt Richardson track. As we ascended, more and more snow on both the ground and the trees started to appear. Once we reached around 800 m, I really thought that I had misread the weather forecast earlier in the day because it was pouring down on us. I soon realised it was the melting snow on the trees that was falling down. Sometimes it felt like someone up in a tree had chucked down a bucket of water.

We had lunch at the top and continued towards the Bypass Track. At this point, I was wet down to my underwear, so I started to wonder if I should replace my $20 second-hand rain jacket that I bought from Bernhard a few years ago. Some CTC members with brand new jackets shared the price they paid for their new fancy jackets, so I quickly changed my mind about getting a new one and embraced the suck. We stopped at Glen Tui Waterfalls and then drove to the Oxford Hotel. I had never seen a single CTC member drink hot tea in a pub after a trip, but this time, there was not one, not even two, but three CTC members enjoying a hot cup of tea. I guess I wasn’t the only one surprised by the unexpectedly wet adventure.

Stats: 12,7 km, 6h 5min, 840 m ascent

Participants: Michael Newlove (leader), Michal Klajban (scribe, GPX, photos), Warwick Dowling, Bernhard Parawa, Alan Ross, Clare Kiamtia, Rachel Brown, Fiona Vether, Peter Vetcher, Jonathan Carr

Tramped on 23th September 2023



Total distance: 12086 m
Max elevation: 1053 m
Min elevation: 362 m
Download file: GPX-hikingisgood-com-nz-2023-Mt-Richardson.gpx

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