Trig M with a baby (16 months)

It’s a shame that I always just pass Porters Pass on the way to Arthur’s Pass and never actually stop here to have a womble. This time it was different – I took my 16 months old baby on a CTC trip to Trig M via Coach Stream. It was a beautiful day and soon after we started, I knew that this may be one of the last trip, if not the last one, when I’m carrying my little man on my back. It’s incredible how quickly the time passes – he’s not that happy in the back seat anymore and he wants to walk everywhere himself, though he barely walks more than a few dozen meters. He wants to touch, taste, feel and explore on his own. Ouh!

Anyway, we started at Coach Stream carpark from where we continued along a track to pt1075. After a morning tea we kept following the ridge and soon joined a 4WD track heading from the West Coast Rd from the north. The road is easy to follow, however not with a baby who constantly wants to be put down and play with stones. I got to a point when I had to put him down and let him play for 20 minutes because he was restless.

At Trig M, we took a decent lunch break and Elliot had a good play around. We also met Harish there with his daughter Arohi which was a pleasant surprise. On the way back the weather deteriorated, and I had to kind of force Elliot into a front pack where he could be more sheltered, and I sped up to get down the mountain. I was the last one but slowly caught up with everyone and reached the cars well before others. Coach Stream Route is easy to follow, great track for novice tampers.

Great day out but yeah, I think that this was the last time when I’m relying solely on carrying Elliot out. He needs to walk too now!

Rough stats: 11 km, 5:15 h, 700 m up



Total distance: 11273 m
Max elevation: 1259 m
Min elevation: 647 m
Download file: GPX-hikingisgood-com-nz-2022-TrigM.gpx

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