Evans Pass to Godley Head and Boulder Bay

For this trip, I decided to take my son Ellic who’s been asking for “walk” since 6 AM. “Do you want breakfast buddy?” “Wa!” “Maybe some porridge?” “Wa!” “Hum, what about I’ll change your pyjamas first.” “Wa!” “Hum what about-” “Wa wa wa wa!”

Anyway, we met at Evans Pass carpark. The CTC group took off and swiftly started following a track towards Godley Head. Elliot managed to keep up for one or two minutes, but then a cattle stop interrupted his efforts and stopped him from progressing any further. I put him in my child pack, sped up and caught up with the main group about 10 minutes later. Then, Ellic wanted to get down again. After 10 minutes, he completely lost the group and wanted to be carried. And this way we continued to Godley Head where we stopped for a morning tea.

About an hour later, we descended to Bouldery Bay for lunch. What a stunning place! It’s hard to believe that in Christchurch there is such a place with an overwhelming feeling of remoteness. From the bay, we climbed back to the track and continued to Taloyrs Mistake, took 193 track up the road and then Scarborough Bluffs Track back to the cars. It was a pretty epic track actually, this is my favourite loop in Port Hills now. Great variety and really good undisturbed views. Thanks, Mike, for leading such trips!

Rough stats: 16 km, 5h 30 min, 600m ascent

Participants: Michael Newlove (leader), Michal Klajban (photos, scribe, GPX), Elena San Claudio, Jay Bester, Murtuza Bohari, Ingrid Starink, Mudassar Shahzad, Symon Holmes, Bernhard Parawa, Adnan Yaqub, Chris Freear, Bryce Williamson, Kaveh Mazloomi, John Shrewsbury, Helen Sutton, Lucy Adams, Shontae Bingle, Louise Holder

Tramped on 27th August 2022.



Total distance: 17090 m
Max elevation: 325 m
Min elevation: -28 m
Download file: GPX-hikingisgood-com-nz-2022-Godley-Head-Boulder-Bay-Evans-Pass-Loop.gpx

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