Castle Rock and Lyttelton pipeline in Port Hills

John Kerkhofs led yet another trip in Port Hills that looked quite interesting as it was promising 1000m up on mostly less known tracks. We met up at Duncan park and climbed up along Fridze Ridge which soon became my favourite ridge walk in Port Hills. The ridge felt quite wild, though I’m sure that myriads of Christchurch trampers placed their feet there before me. Once on the Summit Road, we summited Te Upoko-o-Kurī / Witch Hill and a bit later also Te Moenga-o-Wheke/The Tors. From Summit Road we descended along Bridle Path down to Lyttelton and went back up via pipeline / Stan Helms Track respectively. We followed Castle Rock Mountain Bike Track to Horotane Valley.

We had 2 minor events: Elena turned back about 30 minutes into the tramp, complaining about being dizzy and short of breath. Andrew managed to find perhaps the biggest nail we came across and made a decent hole in his leg. The blood was everywhere but he patched quickly and roughly like Rambo and off he went. I think I got more dizzy by looking at it than he did by patching it.

Rough stats: 16 km, 6 h 30 min, 1000m ascent

Participants: John Kerkhofs (leader), Michal Klajban (GPX, scribe, photos), Helen Ryan, Paul Titus, Elena San Claudio, Kaveh Mazloomi, Mudassar Shahzad, Shana Dooley, Bernhard Parawa, Annette Reinheimer, Bethany Jackson, Richard Kimberley, Theo Oswandi, Andrew Ecker, Jay Bester

Tramped on 13th August 2022.



Total distance: 23469 m
Max elevation: 452 m
Min elevation: -11 m
Download file: GPX-hikingisgood-com-nz-2022-Port-Hills-What-the-Fridz.gpx

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