CTC tramp to Mt Richardson with Mr 1-year-old

  • This was my first CTC tramp with my kiddo! 
  • Classic Mt Richardson Loop, a trip led by Mike Newlove. I decided to take my own car which was a pretty reasonable thing to do with a 1 year old.
  • We started off at Glentui Bush carpark. There were quite a lot of people (around 20) and my kiddo was a little bit uncertain at the beginning. But as we started walking, he seemed like he wanted to join our conversation with others by doing a loud “uaaaaaaah” each time someone would try to say something.
  • During our first break my kiddo started exploring the bush and sniffing folks and as a result he became much more tame. He made friends with Carmela almost immediately! This was good reassuring that he actually likes what we’re doing.
  • On the top of Mt Richardson we took a decent break. He played with Bernhard who seemed to have a sparkle in his eye for kids. I mean, I’d definitely like him if I was a toddler!
  • After lunch break my kiddo started yawning so I put him in a front pack and he happily slept in it for the next hour or so. Part of the group went to see a waterfall at Glentui River but I was pretty knackered by the time we reached the valley so I happily walked back to the cars.
  • It was a good day out but certainly bordering on what’s doable for me without his mum at this stage haha.

Tramped in November 2021. Rough stats: 10 km, 800 m up, 5 hours.

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