Major hikes

From time to time, I set off for a longer multi-day hike. I wish I had time to do it more often but well, I’m doing my best. I had to write them down because as I’m getting older, it’s harder and harder to dig them out of my head. I put there only hikes which are according to my opinion not likely durable in 1 day for a fit hiker.


Laugavegur (Iceland), 55 km
Krkonoše Crossing (Czechia), 48 km
Malerweg (Germany), 112 km
GR 132 of La Gomera (Spain), 120 km


Macizo de Teno Crossing (Spain), 58 km 
Anaga Crossing (Spain), 35 km
Jeseníky Crossing (Czech Republic), 42 km
Great Fatra Crossing: Ružomberok – Dolný Harmenec (Slovakia), 54 km
St James Walkway (New Zealand), 66 km


Lake Waikaremoana (New Zealand), 46 km
Tongariro Northern Circuit (New Zealand), 43 km


Kepler Track (New Zealand), 60 km
Great Fatra Crossing: Ružomberok – Staré Hory (Slovakia), 43 km
Beskydy Crossing (Czech Republic), 45 km


Camino Francés (Spain), ~900 km


Oslo – Katnosdammen and back (Norway), 75 km
Low Tatras crossing: Donovaly – Čertovica (Slovakia), 49 km


Beskydy Crossing: Mosty u Jablunkova – Pustevny  (Czechia), 63 km