Exploring hiking trails in Norra Lunsens

Norra Lunsens is a nature reserve south of Uppsala, Sweden. It’s easily accessible by public transport (eg. bus stop Fjällfinas Kåta) and kind of a must for every hiker visiting the city. This is where locals go hiking. Even though it’s quite close to the city, it’s not a busy area by any means.

Information sign in Nyby

I started my afternoon hike in Nyby on the eastern side of the reserve. You can get a printed map with basic information about the reserve there. I followed an orange marked route, part of the Upplandsleden Trail. A typical Scandinavian-like forest hit me straight away and I was immediately engulfed by memories of lovely Norway. It was there, many years ago where I fell for Scandinavia.

Campsite at Lunsentorpet

After passing a hut and a campsite at Lunsentorpet, I turned north towards the swamps of Mickmossen. I was a bit afraid about getting wet but oh, I just forgot for a second that this is Sweden where they just love hiking. Building wind shelters and boardwalks across the country is considering sort of a national sport here.

In Dragonkärret I turned back east, partly accidently because my mind was too busy looking for wild mushrooms. That’s what I found typical for Scandinavians – they don’t pick wild mushrooms but chanterelles. Well, good for me. We had plenty of mushrooms to eat for the next three days.

When I appeared in Karlsro, not far from Nyby where I started, I just rolled with it and continued more east to a bus stop. The whole area is very lovely. If you have a spare day, this is a place definitely worth exploring.

Total distance: 10522 m
Max elevation: 53 m
Min elevation: 11 m
Download file: GPX - hikingisgood-com - se - lunsen.gpx.gpx

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