One day hikes

Sylvia Tops and Devils Den Biv

Sylvia Tops is a lesser-known route that leads up to the ridges of Lewis Pass. It is very similar to Lewis Tops Track – it also goes steeply up through the bush until it reaches…

Mt Foweraker from Hawdon Shelter

3 CTC souls and 1 aspiring CTC soul gathered at Hawdon shelter with the goal of tackling Mt Foweraker via a long spur on its eastern side.Finding the entry point of the trap line that…

Mt O’Malley in Arthur’s Pass

Kupkin and I started this pre-Christmasy adventure in the CTC hut. Kupkin was impressed what a lodge the CTC owns and I truly did feel proud to be a member of a club with such…

Mt Winterslow via Duke Knob

The original plan was to take on Mt Olympus. However, this mountain is on private land and recent floods damaged the access road so permissions to access Mt Olympus are scarce now. In the morning at the petro station, we decided that Mt Winterslow makes for a suitable backup.

Mt Norma circuit in Lewis Pass

After my last trip to Lewis Pass on which we got rained on, I decided that the next time when we’ll be spending 5h of our Sunday in a car, it’ll be on a sunny day. And this was the day! 17 brave CTC souls including 2 adventurous prospective members took off from Palmer Lodge car park at about 9.30 AM.