Goat Pass as a day trip

This trip was sooo close to being canceled. I was a bit skeptical about the weather, but Chris, as usual, was keen to go regardless. Sometimes I feel like the worse the weather, the happier Chris becomes! To my surprise, despite my attempts to discourage people in three emails where I pointed out the less-than-favorable forecast, 19 CTC nutters decided to join.

I was part of the group starting from Morrison footbridge. The first river crossing happened about 10 minutes into our tramp. To our surprise, the Deception River was actually pretty warm! I mean, it was still cold, but since we were mentally prepared for the worst, we ended up being pleasantly surprised. Not too far from the footbridge, we spotted our first whio of the day! The journey to Upper Deception Hut was going pretty well. There was the abundance of river crossings (maybe around 30?) and occasional sections of track. We only took a short lunch break at Upper Deception Hut since it was drizzly and pretty cold. It made more sense to keep moving. About 20 minutes after leaving the hut, we caught up with the group starting from Greyneys Shelter. We had a quick catch-up and continued our ascent to Goat Pass Hut. The route between Upper Deception Hut and Goat Pass Hut was quite rocky and slow-going. But once we reached Goat Pass Hut, we were greeted by a boardwalk that stretched across most of the Goat Pass. It was a welcome change and allowed us to pick up the pace. We made a brief stop at Mingha Biv and kept on troddling until we reached Greynes Shelter, a solid 8 hours and 30 minutes after leaving Morrison Footbridge. And get this — we didn’t even need to use our head torches!

All the trip participants regrouped at the CTC club hut, arriving within a 5-minute difference. Talk about phenomenal timing! It was a fantastic trip with great company, all despite walking in the clouds all day long.

Jiang has made a video from the tramp: https://youtu.be/APiSyq-aXPI

Stats: 28km, 8h 30min, 1000m ascent


Morrison footbridge to Greyneys Shelter: Michal Klajban (leader scribe, GPX, photos), Emma Rogers, Benjamin Still, Mark Nicholls, Andrew Ecker, Jimmy Philpott, Vicky Havill, Jonathan Carr, Xiaoqiu Jiang, Nic Low

Greyneys Shelter to Morrison footbridge: Chris McHarg (leader), Zack Williams, Natasha Sydorenko, Jessica Armour, Mark Anderson, Alan Ross, Aaron Zhao, Phillip Wallis, Sharon Brophy

Tramped on 11th June 2023.



Total distance: 26127 m
Max elevation: 1079 m
Min elevation: 301 m
Download file: GPX-hikingisgood-com-nz-2023-Goat-Pass.gpx

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