Pinnacle Biv on the West Coast

Pinnacle Biv is a small orange mysterious biv located on the edge of Toaroha Range below Genoa Peak. This was possibly my biggest adventure of the year as I’ve been struggling with finding free time with a newborn. So this is how it went:

  • I started on Friday night. I drove from Christchurch to the intersection of Middle Branch Rd and Upper Kokatahi Rd where I left my car and off I went towards Kokatahi River. If you decide to come down here, permission from a local land owner is needed. In 2022 it was Terry Sheridan, phone 03 755 7967. Lovely person.
  • The track along the Kokatahi River is well marked and cut. I had no issues finding it in the dark. I couldn’t see much and regretted especially not seeing Whakarira Gorge which is supposed to be amazing.
  • I reached Boo Boo Hut around midnight. Not bad considering I left Christchurch at around 7 PM.
  • In the early morning, I left the hut and went up to Pinnacle Biv. The track is well cut, though somewhat vague at some places but it’s clear where to go. Though GPX will be useful in misty conditions.
  • At the biv, I slept and slept. I had the ambition to go across to Adventure Biv but I was just so tired. I realized that I underestimated how sleep-deprived I have been in recent months. Having a baby truly is not just roses…
  • After a lot of sleep, it was too late to do anything ambitious so I read a whole book at the biv and took more sleep. The day after, I went back to the carpark.
  • It was still one of the most memorable adventures of this summer. The West Coast’s rugged peaks are absolutely stunning and every sunset here is very special. I will have to live there one day that’s for sure!

Rough stats: 1320 m up to Pinnacle Bit from the road end, 11.4 km, 6 hours from the road end on a good day and many more on a bad day

Tramped on 14-16th January 2022.



Total distance: 11728 m
Max elevation: 1251 m
Min elevation: 61 m
Download file: GPX-hikingisgood-com-nz-2022-Pinnacle-Biv.gpx

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