Long distance walks

Long distance walks really fascinate me. It’s just so natural, romantic and free to be out there exposed to the weather whims and walk. You have to pack your world into a small backpack and the only thing you have to do every day is to walk another piece of your path. Long distance walking helps you to realize what is actually important in your life and what you actually need. It’s not much.

It’s hard to define a long-distance walk. It’s not much about mileage since while in New Zealand bush your average speed could be as slow as 1 km/h, in Estonian lowlands you can quite happily walk 5 km/h. To me a long distance walk is a walk that an average user cannot hike in 2 days & at the same time it’s over 40 kms (20 miles). Oh man, you know it when you walk it.

What have I done so far?


GR 132 of La Gomera (Spain), 120 km


St James Walkway (New Zealand), 66 km
Great Fatra Crossing (Slovakia), 54 km


Lake Waikaremoana (New Zealand), 46 km
Tongariro Northern Circuit (New Zealand), 43 km


Kepler Track (New Zealand), 60 km


Camino Francés (Spain), 900 km