Long story short, we’re having a hiking/bush themed, vegetarian, almost zero waste wedding at the beautiful Hinewai Reserve.

This amazing guy called Hugh manages the place and is helping to allow the bush to regenerate by itself by leaving it alone. Genius. You can find out more here.

This means there are a few rules:

  • No smoking or candles
  • no picking or trampling any of the vegetation (stick to the paths and be careful how you park your car)
  • be extra vigilant about rubbish and discerning with use of the toilet

There will be day hikers passing through to check out the visitors’ centre. We’ll be friendly and put out some muffins for the weary travellers but don’t be surprized if some strays straggle in.


Drive to Akaroa as you usually would, but before hitting the township, turn left up Long Bay Road. Drive up the hill and enjoy the views. You’ll come to a crossroads where it looks like the main road goes to the left, but continue straight down the hill to stay on Long Bay Road. You’ll feel like you’re driving until the end of the earth, but keep going until you hit the carpark.

Link to the exact location of the car park.

There is a 5 minute walk from the carpark down to the visitors’ centre/lodge where we’ll have tea, coffee and freshly baked muffins waiting.

But, the actual ceremony is going to be on the knoll above the carpark 5 minutes in the opposite direction (sorry). It will likely be windy so be prepared.

Now, as the for the eating and drinking part, this is where we’d like your help. In the spirit of trying to be almost zero-waste, we’ll be bringing plates, mugs and cutlery with us that we’ll be purchasing from a second hand shop and re-donating afterwards.

However, doing this with glasses would not be a fun or safe experience given the walk down to the lodge. We’re asking that everyone please bring something to drink their beverage of choice out of, be it a wine, beer, water glass or bottle. Keep it on you, remember which one’s yours and use it for the duration of the celebrations, then take it away with you again afterwards. This way we can save some single-use plastic cups ending up who knows where. Thank you!

On a similar note, we’re not interested in acquiring any more material possessions. While we’re not expecting gifts, as almost everybody is traveling a significant distance to attend, and your presence is all we wish for, we understand that some people may wish to give a little more.

Our preferences, if this is the case, are either a small donation to our bank account (01 0853 0128962 00) (because, house prices), or a contribution to our larder with something organic (and it doesn’t have to be fancy – flours, legumes, nuts, olive oil… will all have us dancing in happy circles).

Also, if you appreciate what Hugh is doing at the reserve, there is box for donations for Hinewai at the visitors’ centre too.

I think that about wraps everything up. Please email us with your RSVP and any questions or help with liaising carpooling:

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Quick Facts


Hinewai Reserve, 20 min from Akaroa.


Arrive by 10am. Ceremony at 11am, Saturday 11th January.


Yes, we will feed you (vegetarian food), a bit before and then more afterwards.


You bet, but we can’t get too rowdy because we promised Hugh we’d keep it down, so it’ll just be a few.


Not really. We’re not big on stuff. Money or organic food will do.

Dress Code?

Comfortable (especially shoes) but tidy.


We’d like a phone-free ceremony, please. Photography will be taken care of by Anna’s brother, Gavin. And there’s no reception anyway.


The bush! There will be time for a wander through the reserve between the ceremony and more food.


Optional. We estimate we’ll be ready to leave the reserve some time in the afternoon, after which time you’re more than welcome to join us at Anna’s parents. But it’s a bit of a drive so no pressure. Campers welcome. (We have tents.)

Sunday Plan?

Breakfast. Maybe Beach depending on the weather. Again, completely optional and not a part of the wedding per se.