Sudden Valley: Mt Scott and Mt Wilson attempt

I had this very ambitious plan: going to Sudden Valley, climb Mt Scott and Mt Wilson and come back. All that in a day. Kate Taylor was keen to join so off we went, leaving Christchurch just after 6 am.

Going through Sudden Valley was great fun: quite a few river crossings, quite a few boulders to get across, and some climbing up steep slopes too. Once we overcame the creek part, the valley opened up and I first saw Sudden Valley. Oh man, how beautiful it was! Wide grassy flat cut with a lazy river in the middle. I got even more excited when I saw the cuteness of Sudden Valley Biv!

After a wee break at the biv, we continued further through the valley. It was starting to be quite clear that climbing Scott or Wilson as a day trip is quite an effort and a fast pace needs to be taken since the start which we didn’t really take. Kate decided to go to the bottom of the scree that sits between Scott and Wilson, I gave it a go and reached cca 1700m contour, and then, after realizing that I was on the wrong side of the scree to continue further, I chose to bail. I could have found enough power to push through but I just wasn’t enjoying myself, the scree was bloody steep and I was so hot that I thought that I’m gonna dry out there like a slug on an asphalt road. So I decided to postpone both peaks to a better day when I feel it more.

Epic climb though, I really need to make sure that I’ll come back (I always say that I know!). We exited the same way as we came in. Although I didn’t succeed to reach the tops, the valley impressed me with its wilderness vibes which are quite unusual for a place so close to Christchurch!

Tramped on 8th March 2021.

Rough stats: 20km, 1200m up, 9 hours.

Participants: me and Kate Taylor.


Total distance: 20642 m
Max elevation: 1724 m
Min elevation: 552 m
Download file: GPX-hikingisgood-com-nz-2021-sudden-valley.gpx

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