Reykjavegur, stage 6: Djúpavatn – Grindavík

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Distance 13 km
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Terrain: The shortest stage of the trail is still very dry and volcanic but gets a bit busier thanks to a nearby main road. At the end of the stage it’s possible to make a detour to the famous hot pools, Blue Lagoon, or the city of Grindavík with a supermarket. There isn’t any water on the trail itself. Very vaguely marked.

In Brattháls we went up a pumice hill and continued along the right-hand slopes of small volcanoes.

The path eventually ended in a broad valley with grassy paddocks. It looked so out of place to see green fenced squares in the middle of a black volcanic landscape.

After ascending an ashy hill we drifted over another volcanic field. After about 1.5 hrs we spotted Grindavík, a small town with a supermarket and all the facilities hikers need. Hurray! We immediately sped up with the vision of fresh fruit and dark chocolate biscuits in our bellies.

Flowers are scarce here

If you don’t need to go the supermarket, you may still need to get water somewhere as there isn’t any during the following stage so I recommend you visit Grindavík anyway. You can refill your bottles eg. at the local campsite or I-Site in the house of culture, Kvikan.

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