Port Hills ramble: 1000m ascent, please

The Sunday weather forecast wasn’t favorable for any other parts of the South Island but Christchurch. Well, we’re very lucky that on days like these we have this beautiful sanctuary of ours, Port Hills. The goal was clear: to get our 1000m weekly ascent so we stay fit for the upcoming summer AND to stay away from strong Northeasterly winds.

  • There were 9 of us. Actually no, that is not correct: there were 10 of us but our only prospective member hasn’t made it to the top of Bridle path as it was a little bit too hard for him. He was advised about Easy trips and he agreed to try those first.
  • We went like this: up Bridle path (pipeline) → down Bridle path to Lyttelton → up Stan Helms track → Mt Cavendish → Mt Pleasant → Urumau Reserve Track → Lyttelton Arms → up Bridle path → down Bridle path.
  • This was one of those rare opportunities where trampers passed a pub on their ramble. Well, it’d be foolish not to stop there for some refreshments.
  • Overall it was a really nice day out and even nicer company!
  • Participants: Michal Klajban (leader, GPX, scribe, photos), Andrew Ecker, Barney Stephenson, Josh Sokolov Pearson, Mary Ogburn, Ian Wyllie, Zack Williams, James Atlas, Stephen Lukey

Rough stats: 13 km, 1100m, 6h.

Tramped on October 17 2021.

Map on a NZ Topo Map.


Total distance: 16539 m
Max elevation: 508 m
Min elevation: -15 m
Download file: GPX-hikingisgood-com-nz-2021-port-hills-1000m-womble.gpx

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