On the ridge of Ostrý – Kamanitý – Kozubová in Beskids

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It’s been awhile since I last hiked. My health wasn’t the best so I had to take a break from the mountains. I decided to go back to the Czechia for a while and nail some local classic hikes. Either the ones I’ve done many times as a kid with my parents or the ones I’ve always wanted to do but never got to. It was also time to get some new motivation for the up and coming hiking season. Where else to start than in the Beskids, my Czech home-mountains? The Beskids are the only section of the Carpathians in Czechia. I often call the Carpathians the “Alps of Eastern Europe”, stretching their limbs from Serbia and Ukraine to Slovakia and Czechia. The mountains have a specific nature, culture and there is something almost spiritual in them. Just go there, you’ll see.

Foggy morning are typical for Beskids

This time I’ve decided to go to Ostrý (literally meaning sharp). It’s a 1044 m high mountain in the northernmost part of the Moravian-Silesian Beskids. I started in Košařiska. It was a foggy day with rain due but sometimes the need to go beats even the rainiest forecast. As I was walking up, the fog started to withdraw and from time to time, just for a second, the sun showed up. The Beskids welcomed me back!

Horses are still used for heavy work here

Formerly I wanted to go down from Ostrý, but I decided to go further towards Kamenitý hut (lit. Stony hut). It’s about 2 hours walk and it the track goes via Kalužný (something like puddle-ish). That place truly deserves its name. Trails around are full of large puddles and the track itself is so muddy that it would scare even a bunch of kids in newly washed clothes. Kamenitý hut is a nice looking hut with quite a few cultural events throughout the year. Something like a local cultural centre but only for the healthy ones because the only way to get up there is on foot.

Yup, it can get really wet here

From Kamenitý I still hadn’t had have enough and headed towards Kozubová, 982 m. It’s about an hour walk along the ridge with just one very steep section. Otherwise is quite flat and yes, very muddy again even during the summer days. There is a hut on the top which together with nearby hut Gírová is the hut I’ve visited the most in my life. From Kozubová my steps led down towards Bocanovice where I finished. I was sweaty from the old raincoat, wet anyway, hungry because I didn’t take enough food for such a long hike, but smiling and ready for the next adventures. The whole track is very easy to follow with lots and lots of marks and signposts. There basically aren’t sections where you wouldn’t see the next mark.

Spring is coming

Hiked in May 2017. Photos taken by me and my lovely Sony a6000

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