My TOP 3 Hiking Areas in Tenerife, Canary Islands

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Tenerife is one of the most popular islands of the Canary Island, and though it can get busy on the coast, don’t worry, the hiking trails are mostly empty as most holiday makers stay by the swimming pool.

After spending a winter in Tenerife, I’ve done quite a few hikes there.  In general, I believe that any area you head into, you won’t regret. Tenerife is one of those places where I really struggled to find an ugly spot.

There are many marked hiking trails within the areas mentioned below, and all of them are well described in the hiking guides above. For smartphone users, check this online hiking map of Tenerife and if you like it, download the free app to your phone and download a map of Spain. I’d still recommend to have a paper map too as some parts are quite remote and you can get yourself into troubles if you end up on the wrong side of the island.

For general information, check my article about hiking in Tenerife.

Mout Teide National Park

This is the first and obvious choice for most hikers heading to the island. Up to 3 million people visit the national park every year, making it the most visited national park in Europe. Most of those people are concentrated around Mt Teide and its popular restaurants with car parks big as small airports.

Mt Teide is pretty busy all year around. You need to have a permit to get to the top and you can easily wait for it for months and months. Check my article on how to climb Mt Teide for more information.

Mount Teide National Park

Apart from Mt Teide and the tourist spots along the main road, the park is a surprisingly quiet place. Especially if you dive in a bit deeper like along the Camino de Chasna. Popular spots for day hikes include La Catedral, Loc Chorros, Montaña  Blanca or Pico Viejo (fit hikers only).


Anaga is one of my favourite places on Earth. I must have lived there in a previous life because I feel such a strange connection with this place. It’s so dramatic. Deep canyons and strangely shaped mountains are covered with bushes and colourful rocks. The coastline is rough but still welcoming. The villages are quiet and fit well into the landscape.

There are a lot of hiking trails in Anaga, just check one of the hiking guides linked on the top of the page or the yellow marked trails on this map. If you’re keen for a multiday hike, I crossed Anaga from West to East and it was eye opening experience.

Anaga, my love

Popular day hikes include going down to the beach to Roque Bermejo in the East, visiting Las Palmas in the North and especially hiking to Playa de Tamadite in the West. All of these places are accessible only on foot but the trail heads are well connected by public transport.

Macizo de Teno

Macizo de Teno is like Anaga but on the Eastern side of the island. A big part is covered by lava fields and there is a large forested area, too. It feels surreal to see fresh lava fields on a background of laurel forest, the typical green cover of subtropical areas.

Lots of cacti out there

Villages often have small cosy bars where you can get refreshed if needed. The forested area on the East is quite popular for hiking and there is a huge public campsite. To find out how to book yourself a spot, check my article about hiking in Tenerife.

I personally really enjoyed the hiking trail going from Los Bailaderos down to the road TF-445. It passes along many dark red rock formations reminiscent of those around the Grand Canyon. From the road, you can take a bus to the lighthouse at Punta de Teno or the city Buenavista del Norte. The path is quite exposed so don’t forget your sunscreen.

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