Mt White near Arthur’s Pass

Mt. White, standing at 1741 meters above sea level, is one of the higher mountains in the vicinity of Mt. White Station. You definitely need permission from the landowner to climb Mt. White. We drove almost to the end of Mt. White Road. There are some nasty fjords and we did see some 2WD cars at Mt White Station but I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking my car up that road. We left our cars in a small car park (the station is so large that everything feels like a car park), and began our ascent through the bush. The initial bush bash wasn’t too bad, but the steep climb that followed was… well, steep. We took a couple of breaks until the ridge finally began to level out a bit. After a short break at the summit, we descended along White Spur. If you plan to follow my GPX log, I’d recommend on the way down trying to follow the southwest spur from point 1529 or maybe cross to this spur further down. This might help you avoid some densely overgrown sections between the 900-meter contour and the farm track. I’ve marked it in pink on a map attached between the photos (the red line represents the route we took).

It was an epic day out, and the scenery in that area is truly breathtaking.

The route taken on NZ Topo Maps.

Stats: 12 km, 6 h 20 min, 1180 m ascent

Participants: David Sutton (leader), Michal Klajban (GPX, scribe, photos), Jacqui O’Neill, Faith Burnett, Zack Williams, Byron Harvey, Jimmy Philpott, Guy Bentley, Paul O’Donnell, Kaveh Mazloomi, Alan Ross, Alan Chapman.

Tramped on 8th October, 2023.



Total distance: 12418 m
Max elevation: 1753 m
Min elevation: 588 m
Download file: GPX-hikingisgood-com-nz-2023-Mt-White.gpx

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