Mt Somers loop in a day? Sure

Sure thing! It was a last-minute trip and as we all agree, these are often the best. Chris and I left Christchurch at 6.30 AM and we arrived at Sharpin Falls carpark just after 8 AM. The whole day was great: we met some interesting people on the way, shared chocolate with fellow trampers at Woolshed Creek Hut, got some news from an American guy who told us who’s he had met that day and so on. The whole loop was actually much more interesting that I thought.

Special mention deserves a track between Pinnacles Hut and Sharpin Falls carpark. This track has been partly washed away during the recent floods. It has been rerouted mostly to Bowyers Stream. That’s certainly the easiest way to do it, however, the track now is quite challenging (compared to what it was) and I doubt that it’s still suitable for kids – certainly not kids that you need to carry in your pack unless you’re very experienced tramper and your kid is very patient passanger. Still great tramping though!

Tramped on 11th September 2021. The whole 25 km loop took us about 9 h, the ascent was about 1600m.


Total distance: 28560 m
Max elevation: 1202 m
Min elevation: 444 m
Download file: GPX-hikingisgood-com-nz-2021-mt-somers-loop.gpx

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