Mt Oxford Circuit via Ryde Falls

It was windy everywhere else – oh well, let’s do Mt Oxford! Harish was keen so we drove to View Hill car park from where we set off. I actually find this way to Mt Oxford a wee bit nicer than from Coopers Creek. It was pretty windy above the bushline and we met only a few other hikers, mostly runners (they’ve been always a bit tougher than walkers!). At the top, we ate some pizza and took some photos, as we often do. During the descent, I was very tempted to bushbash to Ryde Falls from 800m contour but Harish didn’t have gaiters and wasn’t ready for such adventure (local bush is full of bush lawyer so it does need certain morale to agree on bush-bashing through there). From Coopers Creek Carpark it was quite a long but pleasant, undulating journey to Ryde Falls. There are some nice camping spots at Ryde Falls campsite but unfortunately right on the track to the waterfalls so there might be a constant flow of people if you pitch your tent there. Also, sandflies found their way to the campsite… We came back via Korimako Track. Overall very chilled but still proper tramp.

Tramped 23th January 2021.

Rough Stats: 1500m up, 24 km

Participants: Harish, me

Video from Harish:

Total distance: 24552 m
Max elevation: 1364 m
Min elevation: 342 m
Download file: GPX-hikingisgood-com-nz-2021-mt-oxford-with-harish.gpx

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