Mt Herbert from Purau via The Monument

I put this last-minute CTC trip up just a day ahead. It was picked up by 3 CTC people.

  • We took a morning ferry from Lyttelton to Diamond Harbour at 7.50 AM. I managed to drop my car key on a ferry but a lovely gentleman picked it up gave it to me on DH jetty – thank you very much for that unknown mister! My mother-in-law wouldn’t be impressed if I lost the only car key for her car…
  • Walk along Diamond Harbour coast to Purau was just lovely. Not long after we started, the sun burnt through the morning mist. A half an hour later, we found ourselves walking through sunny but sleepy Purau.
  • Walk to Port Levy Saddle along the main road was okay actually, we only got passed by a car or two. We took on pretty swift pace. After a wee break at the saddle, we started following farm tracks along Te Are Pātaka. After passing The Monument, Andrew suggested summiting it – we all got quite excited at first but after having a proper look, it didn’t look doable without a rope (at least from its southern side). Oh well – next time take a rope Andrew!
  • It got pretty windy along the ridges, but the sun was up and it was unusually warm for October. Despite the strong wind, we spent the rest of the day in T-shirts. After a decent lunch break at the top of Mt Herbert and after playing games on, we took Mt Herbert Walkway down to Diamond Harbour which was lovely as usual.
  • We finished at Diamond Harbour Cafe where we met Brenda (another CTC soul) who’s been solo bike packing in the area. We were quite impressed by her effort – she cycled from Pidgeon Bay that day so she probably did more ascent than we did!
  • Overall it was a good day out, very warm and sunny. Thank guys for the company!
  • Participants: Michal Klajban (leader, GPX, scribe, photos), Ian Wyllie, Andrew Ecker, Stephen Luckey

Tramped on 24th October 2021.

Rough stats: 21 km, 1000m up, 5h 30min


Total distance: 25991 m
Max elevation: 922 m
Min elevation: -22 m
Download file: GPX-hikingisgood-com-2021-nz-mt-herbert-via-purau.gpx

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