Kinnebrooks Hut trip

This summer, I’d like to do more hut bagging, so when a trip to this intriguingly sounding hut popped up on the CTC website, I was all in. And I was not the only one – quite a few CTC hut baggers joined as well. After obtaining permission from a local farmer, we started off at the end of Woodstock Road, where we jumped on a track that led us through old 4WD roads overgrown with gorse. There were beautiful views, and a few of us regretted not bringing gaiters. Somewhere around Latter Hill, we hit a 4WD road which we followed all the way to Kinnebrooks Hut. It was very scenic, with some good views over Waimakariri River and the east end of Torlesse Range. The 4WD road itself became progressively more enjoyable the closer we got to the hut. Initially, gorse was replaced with wild cherry and elderberry trees, and eventually, an old kānuka forest emerged. The hut itself sits on a flat grassy patch with plenty of camping spots. It’s surrounded by dense beech and kānuka forest. The 4WD road leading to the hut has a significant number of ups and downs, and there are a few compulsory shallow river crossings.

We had a decent break at the hut and returned the same way we came. Bryce, Adele, and Jonathan continued to Walker Hut, from where they packrafted back to their car. It was a great day out, thanks to Ian for obtaining permission and Shaun for organizing the trip.

Stats: 20.2 km, 6h 05min, 680 m ascent

Participants: Shaun Wong (leader), Michal Klajban (scribe, GPX, photos), Kelly Purdie, Symon Holmes, Connie Christensen, Diana Dolensky, Tim Horne, Rachel Hunt, Garth Dever, Rachelle Firman-Ching, Kylie Dawson, Annette Reinheimer, Jonathan Carr, Rowena Gleeson, Peter Umbers, James Atlas, Fengmin Chen, Xiaoqiu Jiang, Bryce Williamson, Adele Williamson

Tramped on 2nd December 2023.



Total distance: 19774 m
Max elevation: 647 m
Min elevation: 330 m
Download file: GPX-hikingisgood-com-nz-2023-Kinnebrooks-hut.gpx

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