From Bédeilhac to Saurat in a loop

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Bédeilhac is a cute village south of Foix. There are a few different hikes which makes it a good destination for day trips. This walk starts on the southern side of the village next to the car park with a map and information about the region. Follow the red marks which cross the road and lead you up along the southern slope of the rocky mountain. There are heaps of solid and exposed rock walls with climbing routes on your right.

Continue going up towards the saddle. When you meet the crossroad, turn right towards Saurat. While the previous part was in the forest, the following one leads you across the fields which is gorgeous. I don’t know, there’s something very romantic about walking across the fields.


In Saurat continue along the road towards Bédeilhac for a bit and then turn left towards the slope on the other side of the valley. It takes about an hour on a bendy track to get back to Bédeilhac.

Near to Saurat

In the small village Miravel the trail goes steeply down back to Le Peyrat.

Hiked with Anna in March 2017. Photos taken by me and my lovely Sony a6000

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