Cedar Flat Hut – Yeats Ridge Hut – Crystal Bivouac – Cedar Flat Hut and back

Walk Facts Good book about tramping in New Zealand
Distance 30 km
Ascent ~2600 m
Estimated time 3 days (2 easy days, 1 hardish day)
Hiked on 19-21th June 2020
Map & GPX files See the online map below (with GPX download)
Open the track at NZ Topo Maps
Participants Kupkin & me More books about tramping in New Zealand

What can I say about this trip:

  • There are heaps of glowworms on the way to Cedar Flat Hut which can be a magnificent experience if you decide to hike at night as we did.
  • The tracks around Cedar Flat are in TOP condition. Incredibly well marked and cut thanks to volunteers from Permolat.
  • The track to Yeats Ridge Hut is also great and well marked. 
  • To go to Crystal Bivouac, go up to the 1300 contour and drop to the biv. The crossing is pretty straightforward in good conditions but in wet / icy / foggy weather the drop from 1300 contour to Crystal biv can be tricky. It’s quite grassy, steep and not marked so some care is required in deteriorated conditions.
  • The descent from Crystal Bivouac to Toaroha River is quite steep but generally OK.
  • The return to Cedar Flat Hut via the DOC trail along Toaroha River is a good toil. The track has heaps of ups and downs with some slightly dodgy parts. Realistically I’d count an hour per a kilometer, however a fast tramper without a pack could do it quicker.


Total distance: 30468 m
Max elevation: 1317 m
Min elevation: 95 m
Download file: GPX-hikingisgood-com-nz-crystal-biv.gpx

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I lived a pretty ordinary life for a while. I did my studies, my second studies, my third studies, my first job, my second job, and my third job. I wasn’t really sure what’s going on so, in 2014, I left my home country (Czechia) to learn about the world. I’m still not sure what’s going on but I enjoy it much more. I lived in a few countries before settling in New Zealand.

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