Hike report

Hiking the Camino de Candelaria de la Orotava

Me & Anna started to walk from Arafo, about an hour walk from Candelaria, before sunrise. I just love when the sun is not up yet but you know it’s gonna be there soon and you’re already doing what you love – walking…

Autumn crossing of the main ridge of Jeseníky

Jeseníky is the second highest mountain range in Czechia. It lies close to the border with Poland, in the north-eastern part of the country and the crossing of the main ridge is a classic Czech hike…

St James Walkway in the winter

The St James Walkway is a 66 km multi-day hike in the Lewis Pass, New Zealand. You can often read that it’s suitable for beginners or even families with kids. Well, it truly is if you are well prepared. Though, it’s still a long hike through New Zealand wilderness and it could be really demanding especially when the weather goes wrong.