52 Peaks Challenge 2021 – New Zealand version

In 2021, I’m doing the 52 Peaks Challenge. Even though it’s got the word “challenge” in its name, it’s simply a fun way to motivate myself to venture to new areas and peaks (and not just hang out in the valleys!).

The criteria for my NZ version of the challenge have been inspired by Ben Gibbins who defined them as follows: each peak has to be named on a New Zealand topographic map, over 1000m in altitude and every single one has to be different.

EDIT October 2021: The challenge proved to be not my cup of tea. I got quite behind because of many things, namely lockdown, fatherhood n and series of bad weather on my days off. Also, sometimes I like staying in the valleys: like when I did Mt Somers loop or Port Hills walking marathon – and, sometimes, I don’t climb mountains with a name. My main take from the challenge is putting together Peak bagging page. It’ll go well next to my Hut bagging page ūüôā

Peak numberPeak’s nameHeight [m]Date climbed
1. Foggy Peak1741 2021-01-16
2.Castle Hill Peak19982021-01-16
3.Mt Oxford13642021-01-23
4.Mt Cheesman20312021-01-28
5.Mt Cockayne18742021-01-28
6.Nervous Knob18202021-01-28
7.Hamilton Peak19222021-01-28
8.Mt Bealey18362021-02-23
9.Mid Hill18312021-03-14
10.Packard Peak20662021-03-14
13.Mt Izard2019 2021-04-03
14.Mt Cloudsley2107 2021-04-03
15.Mt Enys21942021-04-03
16.Carn Brea20902021-04-03
17.Leith Hill13842021-04-03
18.Travers Peak17242021-04-18
19.The Pyramid16082021-05-02
20.Avalanche Peak18332021-05-23
21.Mt Norma17222021-07-04

Unsuccessful attempts

Peak countPeak’s nameHeight [m]Attempt date
1.Mt Scott20092021-03-08
2.Mt Wilson20352021-03-08
3. Trovatore17372021-04-18