1000m in Port Hills: Mt Pleasant – Cass Bay – Stan Helms Track – Bridle Path

At the start, there were 13 of us. The group consisted of prospective members, CTC folks, and their friends. First, we climbed up Bridle Path and continued along Mt. Cavendish to Mt. Pleasant. Funnily enough, we had just climbed Mt. Pleasant a few days earlier during a Wednesday social walk. We then descended to the WWII batteries and down to Lyttelton, where we enjoyed some delicious food, including my favourite apple pie in the whole universe (photo attached).

A few people finished in Lyttelton, and seven of us continued to Cass Bay and up a new track to the Summit Road. It was quite nice, but once we reached the Summit Road, a few more people finished, and three of us (me, Ian, and Fiona G.) continued on our mission. We descended to the Lyttelton side again along Stan Helms Track and climbed up along a MTB track back to Bridle Path. From the Summit Road, we couldn’t resist Ian’s idea to go to Castle Rock and drop down to Bridle Path from there. If you have a map, it’s quite an obvious track, but without one, it’s not that easy to follow but we got there in the end.

Good, easy day out, yet still with some good exercise for your legs.

Stats: 20.6 km, 6h 50min, 1300 m ascent

Participants: Michal Klajban (leader, scribe, GPX, photos), Louise Klingen, Gort Stephan, Marijke Etwell, Fiona Gough, Alexandra Powell, Kyle Knowles, Fiona Vetcher, Ian Dunn, Diana Dolensky, Monika Bratownik, Carmela Terrobias

Tramped on 18th May 2024.



Total distance: 21944 m
Max elevation: 493 m
Min elevation: 7 m
Download file: GPX-hikingisgood-com-nz-2024-Port-Hills-1000m-around-Lyttelton.gpx

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