Two days hikes

A few tips for hiking the Laugavegur Trail

A lot of words have been written about the Laugavegur Trail. It’s a regular member of top-ten-hikes-in-the-world articles. Because of that, I’ll limit myself to just some tips which could be helpful for fellow hikers.

The Polish–Czech Friendship Trail

The Polish–Czech Friendship Trail crosses Krkonoše, the highest mountain range of Czechia, from its east to west. It’s one of the core Czech hikes and it’s been dragging my attention for a while. Finally I got a chance to hike it, yeah!

Late autumn climb to Mt Teide

If you wanna climb to the top of Mt Teide, you basically have 2 options: either you can book an access permit or you can stay in Altaviste Refuge which is quite close to the top. By staying in the refuge you’re allowed to assess the top without a permit before 9AM…

Crossing Anaga Mountains of Tenerife

Anaga, Tenerife, can’t be described, it must be lived. Hiking there feels like a forgotten dream, or an old memory that you don’t remember, but sometimes find yourself feeling, “Wow, this is familiar!”…