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Reykjavegur, stage 1: Nesjavellir – Múlasel

This stage is hilly with lots of waterfalls and plenty of streams to drink from. It’s very well marked but you need to know where to go since the signs don’t say ‘Reykjavegur’ but only local names (follow signs to: Dyravegur / Dyradalur, then Sleggjubeinsdalur). There is a free hut, Múlasel, at the end of the stage.

Reykjavegur Trail Hiking Report

Reykjavegur is a 127 km long hike along the Reykjanes peninsula, south-west Iceland. Even though Reykjavík is nearby, it attracts only a small number of hikers. We didn’t meet any throughout the 7 days and it was the beginning of August, peak hiking season.